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  • Facebook for Business PLR
    It’s no secret that you can grow your business faster and easier using social media; especially when we’re talking about Facebook! That's why we created the Facebook package!
  • Time Management PLR
    Learn how to organize the use of your time for better productivity. While most of us understand we can’t control time, as time never stands still, we do have the power to regulate how we use the time that's available to us.
  • Postcard Marketing PLR
    If used properly, postcard marketing can be your ticket to BIG profits. Small and larger businesses are building their businesses with simple postcards and now you can too!
  • Saving Money PLR
    With the current state of the economy, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce spending. The Saving Money PLR pack will help teach people how to cut expenses without infringing on their lifestyle.
  • Amazon Baby Reviews PLR
    The Amazon Baby PLR Reviews pack consists of 5-reviews aimed at parents with newborn babies and toddlers. Each review covers a specific product from the bestsellers list in the baby category on Amazon.
  • Parenting PLR
    Children are precious gifts and as new parents we’re concerned with keeping our babies clean, fed and protected. The Parenting PLR package addresses some of the highest concerns of new parents and enables you to teach your readers the important aspects of parental responsibilities.
  • Beauty Tips PLR
    The Beauty Tips PLR contains four articles, covering pedicures, manicures, natural beauty, and laser hair removal. Perfect as shorter blog posts or as fodder to share with your Facebook fans.
  • DIY Beauty PLR
    Throw away the powders and lotions, there’s a better way to boost your appearance, and it starts from within! The DIY Beauty PLR package contains 5 articles, which discuss inner beauty, good hygiene habits, homemade beauty potions, do-it-yourself beauty tips, and skin care for men.
  • Acne PLR
    The acne PLR package contains 5 articles, which discuss three different types of acne, natural remedies to control acne, and the relationship between stress and acne.
  • High Blood Pressure PLR
    When it’s not under control, high blood pressure can cause heart disease. You can go years without any symptoms, but it’s easily detected through regular visits to your doctor. The High Blood Pressure PLR package is a compilation of articles, social media tips, Twitter tweets, slide decks, etc.
  • High Cholesterol  PLR
    Having high amounts of bad cholesterol in our blood raises the risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. The condition is treatable and preventable through a healthy diet. The High Cholesterol PLR package covers topics on how to control and even reverse this condition.
  • Sleep Apnea PLR
    The Sleep Apnea PLR package contains 5 articles, which explain what Sleep Apnea is, the symptoms and treatment, the dangers of untreated Sleep Apnea, how the condition affects your health and what happens during a sleep study.
  • Diabetes PLR
    Type 2 diabetes can be a silent killer. Many people have diabetes and don't know it because the early symptoms are easy to dismiss. The Diabetes PLR is a compilation of articles, social media tips, Twitter tweets, slide decks, etc.
  • Writing Articles PLR
    Gaining notoriety through shared content is a practice that’s available to anyone. Too often, people give up before the marketing strategy has a chance to kick into high gear. To be a successful article contributor, you must be persistent.
  • Niche Marketing PLR
    Niche marketing allows you to separate a bigger market into smaller like-minded communities. Rather than try to sell goods and services to the entire world, you're carving out a smaller section to establish a business.
  • Power of the Pen PLR Report
    Writing Articles to Gain Exposure is the name of this 7-page report to help individuals understand the power of writing articles and sharing them for reprint. The report is broken down into sections so it can easily be turned into an e-Book if you’re a go-getter!
  • Blogging PLR
    The blogging PLR package contains 5 articles, which discuss how to build a better blog, ways to fill your blog with hot content, how to brand your name and business through blogging, and great resources for sharing your blog posts to acquire more exposure.
  • Squeeze Page PLR
    The concept of a squeeze page is to collect the names and email addresses of targeted visitors. Thanks to squeeze pages, business owners can build targeted lists and fill their stadium with enthusiastic buyers.
  • Affiliate Marketing PLR
    If you are selling an affiliate marketing product, you can use these articles as a means to attract buyers. (7 articles + cover graphic)


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