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Whether it’s high blood pressure, diabetes or sleep apnea problems, we have you covered! Check out our compilation of article tips, tweets, slide decks in our health and wellness PLR packages.

High Blood Pressure PLR
When it’s not under control, high blood pressure can cause heart disease. You can go years without any symptoms, but it’s easily detected through regular visits to your doctor. The High Blood Pressure PLR package is a compilation of articles, social media tips, Twitter tweets, slide decks, etc.
High Cholesterol  PLR
Having high amounts of bad cholesterol in our blood raises the risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. The condition is treatable and preventable through a healthy diet. The High Cholesterol PLR package covers topics on how to control and even reverse this condition.
Sleep Apnea PLR
The Sleep Apnea PLR package contains 5 articles, which explain what Sleep Apnea is, the symptoms and treatment, the dangers of untreated Sleep Apnea, how the condition affects your health and what happens during a sleep study.
Diabetes PLR
Diabetes PLR
Type 2 diabetes can be a silent killer. Many people have diabetes and don't know it because the early symptoms are easy to dismiss. The Diabetes PLR is a compilation of articles, social media tips, Twitter tweets, slide decks, etc.
Depression PLR
Depression is a serious mental health condition, and the most common, in the U.S. Your fans are searching for information regarding this disease, and with this package you can educate them AND make money.
Arthritis PLR
Arthritis PLR
Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation of the joints and makes it difficult to perform simple tasks like buttoning your shirt or opening a jar. But many people aren’t aware that they can alleviate arthritis pain with exercise and other home remedies. Here’s a chance to educate your readers.


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